A Ham in the Making

Waiting for tech license class to begin

My son decided a while back that he wants to get his radio license. No pressure from me, either. In fact I told him, “Don’t do it just because you think I want you to.” He said he was genuinely interested, though.

So I told him if he wanted to take a tech license class I’d take him and sit through it with him. So here we are in week two of the ten week class. He’s still exited about it, and had started taking about what kind of radio he wants, and what kind of things he wants to try. I couldn’t be more proud.

Last weekend, my friend and Elmer, Rick, WØPC, texted me and asked if he could get back the antenna analyzer he’d loaned me a couple of weeks ago. I said, sure, I’d run it out to his house. He said bring your son…I’ll show him my shack. So we went over, and J was interested with his whole head in all the gear, antennas, Morse keys, and everything an experienced ham accumulated (gotta admit…I was pretty impressed as well, and I’d seen it all a few times before).

So I may have had some initial doubts about how long J would want to sit in a class (2 hours a week!) with a bunch of adults. So far though, signs are good that he’s into it. Hopefully in a couple of months I’ll have a post to announce a new tech operator. Stay tuned…


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