100 Watts and a Wire Fallout

If you listen to the excellent 100 Watts and a Wire podcast, you probably know that this Saturday is the inaugural Fallout event. It’s a great idea, that I hope takes hold, to provide a field day experience web the weather is a bit more accommodating.

As I mentioned previously, I started a game called Morse-tober, where I’m hoping to make at least one CW contact for each QSO on other modes. In order to keep from falling further in the hole than I already am, I’m going to try to get into the fallout event on CW. 

I don’t know how many others from the 100 WAAW crowd will be looking for CW contacts, so here’s a heads up: I usually hang out around 7115 to 7120 MHz, and will probably use CQ FO to call. I’m also on Twitter a fair bit (@Scott_WZ0W) and will probably post more specific info there when I’m operating. I’m not particularly fast on the key so go easy.

I hope to hear you on Saturday! 



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